About us


The Concept

Inspired by simple luxury and minimal design, The Shirt t-shirts are both understated and sophisticated. The Shirt adds a stylish dimension to an easy-to-wear staple, using quality fabrics, simple detailing, faultless tailoring and construction. The Shirt was born from an aspiration for discrete elegance and style, from day to night, from meetings to cocktails.



The Creator

The Shirt is the brainchild of Themis Tataris, a dedicated fashion lover working in the fashion business for more than two decades. Inspired by the graffiti on the streets, the urban style in big fashion capitals, the surfers, the skaters and all things young, he set out to create something unique - a garment that is both low key and appropriate for all kinds of daily activities, something functional but truly elegant at the same time. After extensive research and experimenting with different materials, he came up with the idea of a “double agent”, a t-shirt that is also a shirt and vice versa. This is how The Shirt was born.


The Collection

The Shirt offers two unique collections of t-shirts, based on the subtle combination of high quality classical shirt fabrics and super-soft jersey materials. The “Simple” collection offers a range of t-shirts with simple yet innovative design, while the “Patchwork” collection was created using the technique of sewing together small pieces of cloth with different patterns and colours.


The Lookbook

For the launch of the first collection, The Shirt decided to pay tribute to the everyday man by handing over the modeling gig to real-life people instead of professionals. A talented architect, a true bohemian who cooks in remote villages, a fashion insider, a product marketing manager at Microsoft and an acclaimed chef appearing for the first time on Greek tv, all posed for The Shirt underlining the brand’s “boy next door” philosophy.